Sunday, March 9, 2014



earthquake in my city..
I'm very shocked.. 

was watching running man and the quake came.
First I thought I was dizzy but I'm not sick. 

I asked my grandmother " ma.. gempa ta? "
and she said " yeahh  "

I quickly brought my laptop and phone and went out of my room
but my dad still eat "hokka-hokka bento" in front of his computer
OMG dad it earthquake... 

fortunately nothing happened fiuhhh... 
thank god for protecting us.. 

Let us protect the earth... 

Ps: ohhh 
today i have a life lesson from my mom.. 
" janganlah kamu berbohong.. 
karena jika kebohongan mu diketahui oleh orang..
itu akan menjadi kesalahan terbesar dalam hidup mu "   




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